Teams and Fleet

The Oman Sail teams compete at all levels of  national, regional and international sport, with Omani branded boats and sailors serving as ambassadors for Oman and working to promote the country as a desirable tourist destination and investment location. These top level competitions also advance the skills of Omanis in a sport that is intrinsically linked with Oman’s history.

Oman Sail’s offshore team is a group of sailors who seek adventure, who want to cross oceans at breakneck speeds, push boundaries and break records whilst battling extreme fatigue and challenging weather conditions. These athletes are found travelling all over the world, participating in international regattas on board the MOD70, M34 and Farr30.

The realm of the explorer, adventurer and the brave, the Oman Sail Offshore sailor can be pitted against the forces of nature for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. The 70-foot MOD 70 trimaran competes in high-speed races across the Atlantic Ocean and in long distance races far out of sight of land. The one design Farr 30s compete in shorter offshore races, most notably the EFG Bank Sailing Arabia – The Tour (SATT), the only endurance race of its kind in the world which over a long course 760 nautical miles through different port cities across the Gulf region, represents a demanding test of stamina and skill.

Extreme sailing is the name of the game in inshore racing. Fast paced, adrenaline fuelled, intense and close, Extreme 40 racing is an incredible spectacle to watch. The Extreme Sailing Series takes place all over the world, including in Oman’s own waters off Muscat.

Oman Sail’s Extreme 40 teams, sponsored by local companies, spearhead the campaign to raise Oman’s profile around the world and broaden its appeal as a tourist destination through sailing. The class provides both the Omani sailing and shore crews with an opportunity to gain valuable experience. The demanding schedule of the Extreme Sailing Series is supported by a strong stable of Omani logistics, events and marketing specialists tasked with extending the reach of the Sultanate to international travellers, media outlets and potential investors.

Fast, furious and highly competitive, the Optimists, Laser 4.7s, Radials and Standard rigs as well as Hobie 16, 49er and RSX are the boats most likely to produce our first Olympic athletes. Through Oman Sail’s specially formulated performance pathway, these sailors compete in the international regattas all around the world, as well as a number of championships that take place in the Gulf.

Although they are the smallest of all the boats competing under the Oman Sail banner, they are arguably the most important because it is from the Lasers, Hobie 16s, RS Quba, 49er and RSX class boats that future champions are borne. Oman Sail actively engages local schools and communities to ‘Try Sailing’ on RS Q’Ba boats to give children the opportunity to become better and more confident sailors.