Oman Sail is able to make a significant contribution to the growth of the Sultanate by hosting international events that draw attention from around the world.

The benefits include:

Arrivals: Each event attracts athletes, support teams, media, race officials, race organizers and fans. These visitors arrive to Oman from all corners of the globe and
 will return to their countries with a positive attitude towards visiting the Sultanate again.
Revenue: Visitors will spend a period of time in the country for the race and many also take the extra time to enjoy a few days exploring Oman before, during and after the race, which generates both direct and indirect income.
Identity: Global media coverage of the events and networking build Oman’s profile as the ideal destination for world-class sporting events and tourism.
Employment: Events provide the opportunity for new jobs in a vast array of roles needed to make the event a success.
Skills Development: Events provide a platform for knowledge and skills transfer in both the sports and sport event management.

By creating rights-owned events, Oman Sail generates a unique opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in sports event management and provide local athletes with a chance to compete against some of the world’s best in their sport, as well as attracting new visitors to Oman.

Sailing Arabia – The Tour
Mussanah Race Week

International sporting events are an excellent platform to present Oman to the world. Working with the Ministry of Tourism and its sponsors, Oman Sail identifies events that can reach their key markets and promote Oman as a high-end tourism and investment opportunity.

Oman Sail’s successful participation in some of the world’s leading international sailing events, and the marketing activities that accompany them, translates into global exposure for its athletes and Oman.