Inshore Fleet

Extreme 40

The Extreme Sailing Series is one of the most exciting inshore racing championships in the world with 40 foot high performance catamarans hurtling around tight racing courses, often in downtown metropolitan waterways, at breath-taking speeds. This circuit requires impressive sailing abilities, amazing fitness, and high levels of coordination to avoid collisions and tactical errors. The Extreme 40 was created with two things in mind: action and adrenaline!

Farr 30

This boat is a perfect learning platform for crew sailing, offering great performance both offshore and inshore. Oman Sail’s objective is to use this design as the core class in EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour and other regional events.

Diam 24

Currently used in the Tour de France à la Voile and as with the Extreme 40, the plan is to increase the Omani headcount on board while competing at the front of the fleet.