Youth Programmes

Oman Sail is dedicated to providing the opportunity for Omani sailors to succeed at international level in competitions around the world. We are promoting national pride, promoting elite Omani sailors as role models, and inspiring the youth of Oman to take up sailing.

The Youth Programme is crafted to be an engaging and interactive way to learn about sailing and gain valuable new skills that can be easily transferred to their careers and other areas of their personal development. The first step is to get the youth interested in sailing and make the sport attractive to families. Sport is good for children’s minds, health, discipline and growth, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education we have introduced the first step in the youth programme, known as ‘Try Sailing’ which is run as a free open day in the community.

Since launching in 2008, Oman Sail has introduced over 16,500 Omanis to sailing. From introducing children to sailing to preparation for elite competition, the programmes are run by Oman Sail’s Omani ISAF accredited instructors to help those who want to learn more and to identify promising young Omanis who have the ability to pursue sailing professionally. The best sailors from Oman are chosen to represent their country at various competitions throughout the year.

Ranking System

Oman Sail monitors performances to determine the national ranking of young sailors who qualify to represent Oman in international competitions. As Oman Sail sailors progress, their performances will vary from event to event so the Ranking System is designed to reflect performance averages over a period of time and not just from a single event.

Rankings are currently reset at the start of every season to create a comparable ranking year by year. The points system is due to change in September 2015 when rankings will become an ongoing system to reflect the continuous overall performance of Omani sailors.