Asian 49er and 49er FX Championships

Asia’s best sailors have begun the action at the 2021 Asian 49er and 49er FX Championships in Mussanah. Racing is over four days between 67 male and female sailors.


Check out the final results (updated 9 November 2021) 

49er Results

49erFX Results

Notice Of Race

The notice of race (NOR) is available for download here.

Event Programme


Friday5th November09:00 – 18:00Registration – Practice
Saturday6th November11:00 – 16:00Racing
 7th November11:00 – 16:00Racing
Monday8th November11:00 – 16:00Racing
Tuesday9th November11:00 – 16:00Final Racing
  16:00 -17:00Closing Ceremony

The Venue

Barcelo Mussanah Resort:
Located approximately 100km north of Muscat International Airport, Al Mussanah Sport City is has hosted a wide variety of continental and world championships:

  • 2nd Asian Beach Games 2010
  • The Extreme Sailing Series from 2011
  • The Laser World Championships 2013
  • The RS:X Worlds 2015
  • The Laser Radial Women’s World Championships 2015
  • IODA Asian & Oceanian Championship 2019
  • World Sailing Annual Conference 2013
  • ASAF General Meeting 2019

    Key Features:

  • 4-star 320-room hotel within operated by international hotel chain Barceló.
  • Accommodation for competitors, coaches, ocials and other sta involved in the regatta.
  • Restaurant and recreation facilities within the athletes’ village.
  • Media Centre with special conference facilities, studios, internet facilities, etc.
  • A marina for 56 sailing boats and training purposes.
  • A central drop-off and vehicle parking area.
  • Ample storage space/areas for competitors, coaches and equipment providers.

Oman At A Glance

Perched on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman’s stark beauty and vastly contrasting landscapes have enchanted growing numbers of tourists each year. With its magnicent desert, secret oases and breathtaking mountain ranges, Oman is an alluring destination. A tropical underwater paradise lies beneath the turquoise sea, caressing the white sandy beaches that adorn the country’s stunning 3,165 km coastline.

Alongside this natural wealth is Oman’s rich culture, which blends with modern infrastructure and historical features that span over 7,000 years. Grand forts, exquisite palaces and mystical souqs are sights to behold in the capital, Muscat. A visit to Oman makes you feel right at home from the time you arrive, until the moment you leave. The Sultanate is full of opportunities for adventure, including fascinating tours with an Arabian flavour.

Oman’s coastline is a paradise for
explorers. Its abundance of wildlife includes whales, dolphins, turtles,
seahorses, and amingos.
Underwater, its incredible marine life is found close to the water’s surface.

Sands and deserts occupy the remaining area; these include two large sand deserts – The Wahiba Sands known as Rimalat Al Wahiba and part
of the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali).
Here you can learn about Bedouin culture, camp under a dome of stars and experience the beauty of dawn in the desert.

The mountains cover approximately 15% of the country’s land mass.
Oman’s main mountain range is the 10,000 foot Al Hajar, which runs from Musandam in the North to the extreme limit of the Arabian Peninsula, Ras Al Had.

Tropical climate is what Oman is known for whilst still subject to seasonal changes. From October through to April, the Sultanate oers a
lovely climate, with an average
temperature of 23oC. Combined with welcoming hospitality, warm seas and
stunning landscapes, you can see why tourism in Oman is a growing industry.

11 - 12

Average Wind


Average Minimum


Average Precipitation /


Average Maximum


Wet Days
(>0.1 Min)




Average Sunlight
Hours / Day


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