MOD 70

The Oman Sail teams compete at all levels of  national, regional and international sport, with Omani branded boats and sailors serving as ambassadors for Oman and working to promote the country as a desirable tourist destination and investment location. These top level competitions also advance the skills of Omanis in a sport that is intrinsically linked with Oman’s history.

Launched in 2009, the Multi One Design (MOD) 70 is at the cutting edge of the sport as the only high speed trimaran proven to withstand the rigours and perils of ocean racing. From the pioneering drawing boards of French naval architects VPLP and built according to strict specifications to ensure high performance, reliability and safety, the MOD70 allows skippers and their crews to compete on an equal footing and ensures that skill is always the defining factor in determining winners and losers.

Each boat measures 70 feet in length (21.2m) and is purpose-built for both close inshore racing and transoceanic racing. Constructed of low temperature cured carbon fibre and foam, the boats have a smaller sail area for improved safety, a longer central hull to minimize pitch-poling and curved foils for greater performance.

Oman’s flagship MOD 70 is the Musandam-Oman Sail, which participates in global international events and pits Oman’s best offshore sailors against some of the world’s best sailors. The MOD 70 circuit also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the Sultanate in many of the Ministry of Tourism’s key markets.

Oman Sail works closely with the Ministry of Tourism to directly engage with international tour operators and potential visitors around the world. It actively promotes Oman with an exhibition at every event, taking visitors on a journey across Oman with the aroma of frankincense filling the air and coffee and dates served by elegant Omani staff.

Visitors also have the opportunity to have henna tattoos applied, to learn about the Omani cultural items on display and win a weeklong holiday to the Sultanate. Travel brochures with information on the Sultanate, its hotels and resorts and the many activities are also available at the exhibition.

The multi-national crew of the Musandam-Oman Sail blends established and world-renowned sailors with exciting young Omani talent. The MOD 70 has been recognized as the ultimate training platform for Oman Sail’s sailors and the team has a long-term mission to help Omani offshore sailors develop and succeed at the very top level of international racing. This strategy has successfully increased the Omani presence on the MOD70 boat every year.

The Musandam-Oman Sail MOD 70 set two new speed records in Europe in June and August 2014, breaking the previous Kiel Week Welcome Race in Germany record by 19 minutes and the Round Britain and Ireland record by over 16 minutes. MOD70 skipper Sidney Gavignet also completed a solo Atlantic crossing from Saint-Malo, France to Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, in the Route du Rhum Race in November 2014, showing the full range of capabilities of the boat.