Oman Sail and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)- have signed a five-year Memorandum of Collaboration to provide technical expertise in sailing and water sports activities and potential collaboration for ICV projects in Oman. The agreement was signed by Steve Phimister, PDO’s Managing Director and Dr Khamis Al Jabri, CEO of Oman Sail.


The collaboration agreement includes the Ras Al Hamra Club (RAHRC) and covers recognised accreditation support at the Ras Al Hamra boat club, potentially sailing courses, power boat courses, instructor development, support off and on water rescue and leisure boat charter. Oman Sail’s personal corporate development arm, Zimam, is in talks with PDO’s learning and development center to collaborate on the exchange of expertise.


In addition, Oman Sail will help to train the Club’s Safety Post team in health and safety, rescue management during watersports events. It also covers the development of club volunteers and staff for the maintenance and management of the Club’s fleet of boats and equipment, as well as water sports event planning and delivery. The partnership will enable the Ras Al Hamra Boat Club to become a training and development platform for sailing and water sports in the future. Thus, enabling the creation of new employment opportunities within the water sports sector, and career advancement opportunities for club members in Oman and beyond.


Steve Phimister, PDO’s Managing Director said, “PDO’s collaboration with Oman Sail, is well suited and timely. We both have a united purpose to serve Oman, we both support national efforts for the delivery of sustainable opportunities through in country value, job creation and development of the national capacity. Oman’s coastline, and historical legacy lends itself naturally for the development of watersports. Thus, PDO is committed to strengthen its relationship with Oman Sail in alignment with the shared national vision for sustainability and where possible optimizing the use of its existing platforms.”


Adel Al Foory, President of Ras Al Hamra Club added: “This is an exciting opportunity to promote sailing and water sports to PDO employees, club members, our dedicated club volunteers and our local community. We are delighted to partner with Oman Sail and benefit from over 12 years of technical experience in International and watersports performance. We hope that these skills can increase the number of Omanis participating in sailing and water sports and add to the long-term sustainability of the Ras Al Hamra Boat Club activities.”


Dr Khamis Al Jabri, CEO of Oman Sail, said, “From the onset, Oman Sail was founded with the task of reignite Oman’s maritime eminence and we are incredibly proud to be able to share our experience with a reputable and prestigious organisation to apply the accumulated experience in the Ras Al Hamra Club. Promoting the sport, encouraging more people to take part and creating the framework for sailing and training in the country to thrive is central to our mission and we are looking forward to working closely with PDO over the next five years.”


PDO serves Oman with social economic development and community projects throughout its concession area and beyond, community activities across Oman, promoting the development of youth, women, education, scientific research, health and safety as well as sport. This vision is shared by Oman Sail, creators of the region’s first women’s sailing programme and the first para sailing programme to empower people with disabilities to become athletes and represent their nation. The partnership with PDO’s RAHRC creates new possibilities to expand this sporting legacy and contribute to Oman’s growing sports and adventure tourism economy.