Job Title: Head of Sales

Job Function: The job holder will play a key role in co-ordinating sales and marketing activity across the department and is ultimately responsible for the sales figures achieved. Local, regional and global sales plans must be formulated and activated. The role will be responsible for leading the strategic development of our profitmaking activities including diving, sailing, water sports, boat charter, workshop and special projects.

Interacts with:

Head of Operations
Head of Design and Marketing
Head of Strategy/ business planning
Head of Maintenance

Key Responsibilities Areas:


• Ensure sales targets are met, with a focus on maximising profit, while providing excellent customer service, within operational ability.
• Liaise daily with the operations and maintenance team to ensure you are aware of any current issues or additional availability and can advise customers accordingly.
• Pro-actively seek and sign-up new business.
• Write proposals for new projects and opportunities
• Build B2B relations with tour operator, international travel companies, airlines, hotels and Ministry of Tourism.
• Produce weekly and monthly reports on all sales and marketing activities.
• Manage the sales team:
– Motivate the team to meet or exceed targets
– Ensure the office and reception area is appropriately manned throughout all office hours 7 days a week, including public holidays.
– Arrange rota to have people out soliciting for sales / in the office as needed
– Monitor all communication channels (walk ins, phone, WhatsApp, social media, website, emails) to ensure all channels are responded to quickly and professionally
– Ensure the Standard Operating Procedures are followed
– Manage the teams TOIL and Leave, ensuring all details are entered on ERP appropriately
– Monitor individuals results and complete appraisals appropriately.
• Play the leading role in developing promotional concepts, with a focus on utilisation of assets and people for maximum profit.
• Create and execute (with support from the Design team and Head of Strategy/Business Planning) an annual strategic marketing plan, that co-ordinates marketing and communication across channels and departments. The marketing plan should identify markets and opportunities for the local, regional and global markets.
• Research and provide advice on the best places for marketing in order to meet targets, positioning of signboards, attendance at shows, advertising on social media or traditional media etc.
• Prepare and manage the marketing budget and forecast.
• Ensuring the website is kept up to date, provides the relevant information to customers and is generating bookings.
• Monitor and evaluate both direct and indirect competition and client intelligence and develop appropriate strategies to optimize potential opportunities.
• Provide monthly reports on effectiveness of marketing plan
• Alongside the SeaOman team update the Standard Operating Procedures annually and train staff to follow them.
• Customer Database management:
– Maintain customer database and ensure marketing material is sent to relevant customers.
– Ensure customer details are entered correctly and in full in ERP and any other database in use, limiting duplication of customers
• Work with your team and finance department to ensure:
– Items are correctly invoiced by the end of each month
– Payments are tracked and recorded correctly against customers
– Age debtors are cleared each month.
– Refunds are issued when necessary
• Lead the team by example, taking your turn on reception and shift working when possible and assisting with the general sales and administration as part of the team
• Help and support the operations team as needed
• Any other activities as required for the success of SeaOman


Skills & Attributes:

• Experience in the marine sector is desirable
• Experience of selling both low and high value contracts
• Bachelor degree with 5 years experience in Sales & Marketing
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a creative flair in English and Arabic
• Strategic thinker with experience in planning, developing and launching of products / services
• Previous experience working in a global marketing environment while working with different cultures
• Understand channels of marketing programs, PR, social media and all aspects of marketing that increase sell-though
• Experienced team leader and manager

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