Public Relations Officer

Job Title: Public Relations Officer


Job Function:

The post holder is responsible for supporting the relationship between Oman Sail and key government departments. Working closely with Human Resources and in coordination with the relevant authorities, the public relations officer will maintain an integrated record of all activities conducted in relation to employees, transactions and expenses.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Registering the incoming and outgoing mail in accordance with the classification of documents system that is used by the company.
  • Delivering originals of the incoming mail to the concerned divisions and saving copies of it.
  • Forwarding outgoing mail to the concerned authorities and keeping a copy of it.
  • Assisting concerned divisions in obtaining copies of outgoing or incoming mail.
  • Saving copies of incoming and outgoing mail according to the period specified in the retention of documents schedule shared between relevant authorities, subject to the Act on Documents and Archives.
  • Preparing procedural tools related to document management, in particular document classification systems, retention schedules and evidence of retrieval, in coordination with the National Documents and Archives Authority.
  • Assisting and training staff to use these tools.
  • Reviewing the classification system and extending retention schedules of documents, as required.
  • Providing technical assistance to the divisions of concerned authorities, transferring documents that are no longer in use to locations where they are stored.
  • Arranging, saving and organising access to intermediate documents.
  • Sorting key documents and then deporting them to the commission or destroying them.
  • Monitoring the performance of the Government Relations Department, ensuring that public relations officers are maintaining effective daily routines and carrying out work assigned to them at the times and places specified.
  • Creating and developing excellent working relations with government agencies and other official authorities that the company needs to engage the services of, from time to time.
  • Providing new information regarding government agencies, laws, regulations, ministerial amendments and other administrative positions and updating on them on a monthly basis.
  • Issuing correspondence issued by Oman Sail to external bodies and following-up on its arrival.
  • Registering Omani and expatriate employees’ contracts with the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Dealing with the termination of services and cancellation of Omani and expatriate employees’ contracts.
  • Modifying employees’ data and job titles.
  • Obtaining expatriate employees’ certificates of good conduct.
  • Following-up on medical examinations for Omani and expatriate employees during the registration and renewal process.
  • Following up on the issuance of work permits at the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Issuing driving licenses for expatriate employees at ROP
  • Renewing company documents and any affiliated
  • Providing all types of visas through the system and following-up
  • Receiving and delivering all correspondence issued to and from the company.
  • Renewing and following up on the company’s submitted documents with the relevant authorities.
  • Directly contributing and supporting the implementation of events in the Sultanate that are hosted by the company.
  • Performing all required administrative work related to the company.

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