Job Title: Translator

The Role:

The job holder is responsible to manage all Arabic language documents on behalf of the company; to ensure that company documentation is maintained in both Arabic and English as required; to assist all departments with their translation needs.

Key Responsibilities Areas:

  • Responsible for the preparation of Arabic letters & documentation required by the Company and Executives.
  • Responsible for the filing and management of Arabic company documentation.
  • Responsible for the accurate translation of all internal and outgoing documents from English to Arabic.
  • Responsible for the accurate translation of all incoming documentation from Arabic to English.
  • Ability to translate highly sensitive and confidential matter.
  • Assist with the editing of Arabic copy for publicity material, supporting the launch of the project branding and effective communication channels to promote the event visibility.
  • Any ad hoc translation needs as required.

To apply for this vacancy, please send your resume to our HR department on